Already been and seen the many tourist attractions in Ahmedabad ? Then you can explore some places around Ahmedabad. The best place to stay is in Gandhinagar. Gandhinagar, located approximately 28.3 Km north of Ahmedabad, is well connected with national and international airports. Gandhinagar Railway station is also well connected to major cities.

Listing some places which I liked most :

1] Auto World Vintage Car Museum

Located at a distance around 30 Km from Ahmedabad, a must visit from all car lovers. The museum gives an opportunity to have a look at a wide collection of Vintage cars. Travel time from Gandhinagar is approx. 45 mins.

Opening and Closing : 8 am to 9 pm, All days of Week.

2] Adalaj Step Well, Gandhinagar

A heritage site, Adalaj step well was constructed back in the year 1499. The motifs of flowers and graphics of Islamic architecture blend very well with the symbols of Hindu and Jain gods carved at various levels of well. The carvings along the wall of the five storey well depict scenes from everyday life of an ancient era.

Village : Adalaj, Gandhinagar

Visiting Hours: 6 am to 6 pm

3] Dandi Kutir

Dandi Kutir is the biggest permanent museum in the world based on the life of – Mahatma Gandhi. Shaped as a salt mound, the 3 storey Kutir showcases every aspect of his life  from Birth to death. Entry fee is just a minimum of Rs 10/- for Indian nationals and Rs 200 for Foreign Tourist. You need to deposit your belongings including cell phones in the cloak room near the ticket counter. A batch of 30 people leaves at an interval of 30 minutes ,with an audio guide and an escort to show the directions.

Closed on Mondays

Working : Tuesday – Sunday 10.30 am to 5 pm

One Day Excursion to POLO FOREST

POLO Forest , a pleasant hideaway is located at Abhapur in the Vijaynagar Taluka of Sabarkantha district – approximately 163 km from Ahmedabad and 60 Km from Himatnagar. Polo Forest offers a good break especially if you are fond of historic monuments , nature and trekking.

Polo forest covers 400 sq km of dry mix deciduous forest which turns lush between September and December, after monsoon rains. Surely it is a forest lovers delight and a bird watchers paradise.

Polo is derived from the Marwari word “POL” which means gate. It was a gateway between Gujarat and Rajasthan.  Start from Gandhinagar  at around 5.30 am and reach Polo Forest by 9 am.

The 1500 years old ruins include forts, centotaphs, temples and other structures.

Attractions :

  • Harnav river and Dam
  • Shiv temple at Sharneshwar
  • Lakhena Temple
  • Jain Temple

Carry some food and water along with you as there are not many options.