Konkan region of Maharashtra is gorgeous. Sandwiched between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, Konkan is raw, rugged, and untouched. The region is served by a miles long coastline and offers some of the best seafood delicacies in India. The native people of Konkan region are called ‘Konkani’. 

Drawing its inspiration from the cultures and traditions of the Indian states of Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka, the food from this region is dominated by spicy and coconut-y concoctions. The food from Konkan is predominantly non-vegetarian.

Let’s take a look at some of the famous Konkani delicacies.

Ukadi che modak :
Modak, a form of a sweet steamed dumpling, is a favorite of Lord Ganesha. Offered to the God as a prasad, ukadi che modak are loved by everyone, right from the kids to the oldies. This mouth-watering delicacy is made of rice flour coating while the stuffing consists of coconut and jaggery. This food item can be modified as per requirements. You can add cardamom, dry fruits, or even chocolate. 

Kombdi vade :
A popular dish in every Konkani household, Kombdi Vade includes a traditional chicken curry served along with fried rice flour flat dumplings. The spread consists of onion, lemon and some solkadi. One of the most loved Konkani food items, Kombdi Vade is widely available at many roadside dhabas in Konkan. 

Prawns Curry And Fried Prawns :
This spicy shrimp delicacy from Konkan is best enjoyed with a bowl full of steamed rice. The dish is sour and mildly spicy. The use of Sol (not to be confused with kokum) brings the much-needed tanginess to the dish. As for the fried prawns, the fish is marinated with a thick paste made of spices and then deep-fried.

Crab Curry :
For this curry, the crabs are first cooked in a paste of grated coconut and then cooked with light spices. Best enjoyed with rice or bhakri, crab curry is another Konkani delicacy that you should not miss.

Solkadi :
Offering a mélange of strong flavours, great taste and a whole lot of goodness, the elegant glass of Solkadi is all you need before and after a nice Konkani meal. This popular coastal drink is made with its base as coconut milk with added flavours of kokum or aamsol. To top it up, the drink is served with a coriander leaf that just makes the drink look even more tempting.