Dream Lake Luray Caverns

Luray Caverns are located in the Shenandoah Valley of Luray, Virginia. It’s the largest cave in the eastern USA. The Luray Caverns is a must visit – to see the enormous calcite formations that decorate the caverns. Countless stalactites (formations hanging like an icicle from ceilings) and stalagmites (formations rising from the floor of a cavern) have, over time, arranged themselves into stunning structures and gives the caves a magical appearance. It’s just amazing to see all the shapes and colours of the formations. Much to the appeal of tourists, the Luray Caverns, are well paved and well lit. It usually takes around 1 to 2 Hrs to see the complete caverns formations and take photos.

The most worth mentioning are the Dream Lake, the largest body of water in the Caverns. It appears as thou there are stalagmites under water, but in actuality, this is all a reflection of what’s above (i.e., The reflection of Stalactites, that grow down from the cave ceiling above).

The rarest underground – Wishing Well, is glowing pool of water and is so mesmerizing. The experience of dropping a wished-upon coin into the colourful waters of this underground pool is very thrilling. The green tint of the water is not a natural phenomenon but rather the result of the cavern water reacting with the copper pennies. The result is an entrancing wonder & makes the Luray Caverns wishing well, truly a sight to behold.

The Great Stalacpipe Organ is a percussion instrument, it operates by rhythmically striking 37 different stalactites scattered across the 3.5-acre cave.  As each of the stalactites vibrate, a magnetic pickup transports the electrical equivalent of its tone to the centre of the chamber. Currently, a machine similar to a player piano performs most songs on behalf of an organist. In these instances, a piece of plastic with holes in it rotates over a large metal drum. As metal fibres come in contact with the drum through the hole, stalactites of specific notes are struck in the cave, producing musical tones.

Other attractions around Luray Caverns :

The area around Luray Caverns also includes a ropes course, a museum of classic cars and a Garden Maze.

One can explore Shenandoah National Park and take a trip down skyline drive in Virginia. The sunset view down the skyline drive is very mesmerizing.

Visit the Natural Bridge State Park. The state park includes several long-standing attractions, including the trail under the bridge and along Cedar Creek, a recreation of Monacan Native American housing, and Lace Falls.

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