Director, Goldfinch Holidays

Gauri Salvi

A firm believer that your career does not define you. You can do things that you enjoy or that are important to you within or outside of your career. Her inclination towards traveling since college days, took her to different corners of world, which gives her a chance to share the vacationing experience with like-minded people. A Post Graduate in the area of Computer Application with an expertise in Open systems technologies Core Java & Oracle, She has had work experience of 19 years as an IT Professional. She also backs herself with corporate experience as a course coordinator and has been involved in imparting corporate trainings to employees of various corporates. Sharing her vacationing experience, she initially started suggesting itineraries and hotels to her friends. A good positive feedback from their vacations, led to word of mouth and Goldfinch Holidays was formed. One of the greatest things about Goldfinch Holidays is that the customized tours are designed to meet your individual desires. Tours which are fun, very interesting, informative, professional, educational, hassle-free, thorough, cost-effective and with a personal touch.